Incredible 8 Tournament Winners Dagon Briggs, Jesus Aguilera and Reckless Youth - with HCW's Nick Mayberry and The Incredible 8 Tournament Trophy.


Established in 2002, Hardkore Championship Wrestling [HCW] has made a name for itself by consistently bringing tremendous wrestling talents to Florida, and presenting hard hitting, high-flying action that the entire family can enjoy.

From The Warlord and Rusty Brooks, to Reckless Youth and Tony Mamaluke, to Shark Boy and Dagon Briggs - HCW has captured the past, present and future of pro-wrestling on their events. HCW continues to preserve wrestling's past, while promoting wrestling's future.

HCW's crown-jewel, The Annual HCW Incredible 8 Tournament, began in 2002 - and is scheduled for many years to come. The event sees eight of the finest wrestling talents converging on Florida for a fantastic night of pro-wrestling action. With each year, HCW continues to promote the best wrestlers, in the best venues, to the best
wrestling fans.


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