HCW Accomplishments

Beauregarde was honored as one of the first ever HCW Honorable Contribution to Wrestling Award recipients. He received the award during HCW's 4th Annual Incredible 8, in February 2006, along with "The Outlaw" JR James, Rusty Brooks and Stephen "Big Daddy" DiBlasio.

Other Accomplishments

Beauregarde's career began in the early 1960's, touring the Philippines with Neff Maiava, Mr. Fuji, Nick Bockwinkel and others - wrestling as "Eric The Golden Boy". His time as a good-guy was not long lived, and after touring Australia, he debuted in Hawaii as Beauregarde - a loudmouthed, well-dressed manager to wrestlers Ripper Collins and Johnny Barend. During his time as a heel, Beauregarde left Hawaii for Don Owens' Portland Territory.

There he tagged with the legendary Dutch Savage and captured the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Championship on multiple occasions. He also toured Japan and Mexico - worked for Roy Shire and Aileen Eaton in California, and Eddie Graham in Florida; wrestling with all the top stars of his time, including Bruno Sammartino, Angelo Poffo, Jake Roberts, George Steele, Rocky Johnson and countless others. He ventured into music, releasing the first of it's kind - a full-length record by a professional wrestler; long before stars like John Cena & Chris Jericho. He retired to Florida after nearly two decades as one of wrestling's top heels.

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