Scott Chong

Scott Chong

HCW Accomplishments

Scott Chong debuted at HCW's 2003 Incredible 8 Tournament. There he took on Nick Mayberry in non-Tournament action for the HCW Hardcore Championship. During the match, David Young had won the Title from Nick Mayberry - but was rolled up by Chong, who had become the HCW Hardcore Champion. Moments later, Chong was defeated by Mayberry, who regained his Title.

Other Accomplishments

Scott Chong was a member of WWE & MTV's show, Tough Enough - Season 3. There he managed to make it through several cuts, and made for some of the more memorable times of the show. He was caned by Tommy Dreamer, didn't know how to ride a bicycle, had numerous injuries inflicted upon him, was rejected by a girl he had a crush on, hurt his hand playing volleyball, and urinated in his pants after a night of heavy drinking - leaving the Tough Enough house via an ambulance. Chong battled back from all of this to prove that he was indeed a determined individual, but it wasn't enough, and Chong was cut halfway into the show.

Chong remained semi-active on the independent scene, appearing on several big indy shows in the northeast and at several wrestling conventions. Chong was seen via video footage on WWE's Confidential program, where he was described by superstar Al Snow as his favorite Tough Enough contestant. Chong won his first, and only, wrestling title in HCW.

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