Headbanger Mosh / Chaz

Headbanger Mosh

HCW Accomplishments

Headbanger Mosh / Chaz debuted in HCW at 2004's Incredible 8 Tournament. There he defeated Ace Rockwell in opening round competition, but lost to Dagon Briggs (the eventual winner of the Tournament) in the second round.

Other Accomplishments

Headbanger Mosh (aka Chaz) is one of WWE's more marketable superstars - and was half of one of the most memorable tag-teams of the '90's, "The Headbangers" (with Thrasher). As "The Headbangers", the duo won both the NWA and the WWF World Tag Team Titles, and wrestled many of the top tag teams of their time. Later, Mosh would be repackaged as the ill-fated "Beaver Cleavage", during which time he picked up wins over Sean Stasiak, and WWE superstar Christian - among others.

After that, Chaz formed a successful tag team with D'Lo Brown called "Lo Down". The pair were managed by Tiger Ali Singh, and were one of the WWF's top tag teams. Both men went their separate ways, and Chaz later left the WWF. Since then, he has remained very active on the independent circuit, taking on wrestlers like Norman Smiley, Dusty Rhodes, Gangrel, Mike Graham, The Powers of Pain [Warlord and Barbarian] and many others.

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